Jamie Lynn Spears is Having Another Baby!!

Posted by Jeanne on December 26, 2017

This is such exciting news! Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant! The younger sister of Britney Spears and former star of Disney’s Zoey 101 and her husband, Jamie Watson, are expecting their first child together. So sweet!

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jeff Kravitz/BBMA2016 / Contributor

Speaks took to Instagram to make the announcement that she and her hubby of three years will be giving her 9-year-old daughter (from a previous relationship), Maddie, a little sibling.

The 26-year-old wrote:

“Looks like we are starting off 2018 with another big milestone. Sooo happy to announce that Maddie is FINALLY going to be a big sister. 2017 was filled with some of the biggest challenges of my life, as well as some of the biggest blessings, so I made a choice to lay low this year to focus on truly becoming my best self as a person and as an artist. During that time, I continued working on my music and telling my story, which has created some of my most honest work and I CANT wait to share that with you all very soon. 2018 is going to be filled with many milestones both personally and professionally. I appreciate each of you for your patience and support through it­ all. 2018 has a lot coming, so GET READY…….. #12DaysofJLS.”

If you follow Spears, you will know that she was just 17 years old when she welcomed Maddie in 2008. She made the conscious and deliberate choice to step away from the spotlight saying, “I wasn’t going to use my age as an excuse. To be a mother is to be a mother, it doesn’t matter what age you are.”

It was terrifying, therefore, when Maddie was in a terrible ATV accident accident earlier this year which resulted in her being hospitalized for several days. On Maddie’s 9th birthday, Spears reflected on the experience and wrote: “The hardest milestone me and my family have ever faced was almost losing our beautiful Maddie,” Spears wrote, “but thanks to God and the two angels in this picture we were able to celebrate Maddie turning 9 years old all together.”

With that behind them and Maddie, seemingly, fully recovered, they can focus on the miracles and blessings that lie ahead!

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