Fifth Harmony’s VMA Stunt Hurt Camila Cabello’s Feelings

Posted by Jeanne on January 12, 2018

So, Camila Cabello has revealed that, when Fifth Harmony pretended to push a fifth member off stage during their VMA performance, it hurt her feelings. This, of course, is after she left them as they begged her to stay so… they had to address the fact that they were four members all of a sudden somehow, right?

Camila Cabello Visits "The Elvis Duran Z100 Morning Show"

Brad Barket / Contributor

Cabello, who left to pursue a solo career in December 2016, opened up to The New York Times and said that the move surprised her. “I wasn’t expecting it, I wasn’t prepared for it — especially because at that point I’d moved on from it. I was just like, ‘What? Why?’ I have to make space for the good stuff to happen in my life. I don’t like holding onto the past, especially when it’s stuff that, in my opinion, is just petty.”

For what it’s worth, Ally Brooke claims that the member they pushed off stage was actually supposed to represent the media. “We get asked all the time if we’re getting a fifth member,” she explained. “And we wanted to show the world in an artistic way that, ‘Hey, the four of us are Fifth Harmony. We are stronger and better than we’ve ever been.’”
Uh huh…. right….
Anyway, Cabello is young (she’s just 20) so maybe she doesn’t understand that this kind of thing happens. Could they have just performed and acted like nothing happened? Sure but, if you believe anything the remaining four members of Fifth Harmony have to say, they were devastated by her departure and had to find a way to go on.
Either way, it’s interesting and it’s over so, hopefully, everyone can move on. It’s 2018.
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