• ABC Announces First Black Star of The Bachelorette

    ABC Announces First Black Star of The Bachelorette

    Posted by Kelli on February 14, 2017

    The Bachelorette, a spinoff from the original, The Bachelor, has been running for years but there has never been an African-American leading either of the shows – until now. It’s been announced that Rachel Lindsay will make history by being the first black Bachelorette!   It's official. Bachelor franchise history was just made. Meet your [...]

  • Bachelorette DeAnna Chose… JESSE

    Bachelorette DeAnna Chose… JESSE

    Posted by Jillian Madison on July 7, 2008

    Jesse had a borderline panic attack outside the jewelry store before picking out DeAnna’s ring, but pulled it together just in time to deliver the most anti-climactic Bachelorette proposal of all time. Jesse got down on one knee and said, “DeAnna… will you spend forever with me?” She nodded, they kissed, and that was that. [...]